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Moss Cottage Boarding Kennels in Manchester provide individual heated kennels of various sizes according to the breed of your dog. All the kennels have an overhead heater, which is turned on at 6.30 in the evening and stays on right through until the next morning. Each kennel has its own outdoor run. We also have larger ‘double’ kennels for families sharing. All the outdoor runs are covered to protect your pet.

All plastic beds are provided. We also provide Vet bedding and Pet fleece bedding which is washed when needed during your pets stay.  You can bring your own bedding but we do not accept duvets or beanbags. The best thing you could bring your dog is a worn t-shirt or jumper smelling of yourself, as your dog will find this very settling. We use sawdust in our kennels, however we can also use training pads instead of the sawdust if you wish.

Reception and Feeding

We feed a variety of different foods for all life stages including dry, tinned and fresh meat. We also provide treats every afternoon. Please inform us what food your dog is used to eating so we can avoid stomach upset. We like to stick to the same feeding routine for the dogs so please let the staff know what times you normally feed your pet and how often. You can provide your own food and we would ask that ‘specialist diets’ are provided but unfortunately no reduction in price will be made.

Fully Stocked Petshop

Our Pet Shop stocks all our pet food that we feed the dogs and cats here at Moss Cottage Boarding Kennels and Cattery. We also offer a wide range of accessories for dogs and cats including collars, leashes, grooming equipment & bedding.

Exercise Area

We have 4 purpose built exercise paddocks for the dogs. They are fully enclosed so your pet can have a free run about and play. We also provide toys including Footballs and Frisbees for exercise. We never put any dogs together for exercise, unless they are from the same family and you have expressly asked us to do so.