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Cattery Accommodation

Our Cat Houses are all indoors in our modern, state of the art UPVC building.

Each cat house is fully insulated with its own full length door giving access to the individual exercise/play area or they can make use of the cat flap which takes them  through onto a viewing shelf where they can relax and watch the world go by and then run up and down a ladder, again into the individual exercise /play area.

The cat house is spacious and roomy and has a heater under the sleeping shelf to give your pet a nice, warm, cosy place to lie and of course stretch J. Covered cat loos are provided which afford them their own private moment and a scratch post is in each cat house. Viewing windows are either side of the exercise areas so that your cat can have a good look at what is going on around them.

Cattery Food

Food is provided for all life stages. We have our own Chayo brand cat kibble, as well as all the other top brands. Dry food is left down all day for the cats to nibble at their own speed. You can provide your own food and we would ask that ‘specialist diets’ are provided but unfortunately no reduction in price will be made.

Bedding and Scratch Poles

We  provide quilted bedding and pet blankets for your cat/s although you are more than welcome to bring your cat’s own bedding/soft bed if you wish. Each Cat House has plenty of room and we also provide a cat scratch pole.  Again, you may bring any other toys etc to make your pet feel at home..

Cattery Lighting

We have dimmed lights on in the cattery at night to reassure your cat.

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